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യൂത്ത് കോൺഫ്രൻസിന്റെ സുഗമമായ നടത്തിപ്പിനു വേണ്ടി ഓൺ ലൈൻ രെജിസ്ട്രേഷൻ സംവിധാനം ആരംഭിച്ചു.

posted Jun 12, 2017, 11:38 AM by News Editor   [ updated Jun 13, 2017, 5:08 AM ]
 In an effort to make the youth conference more effective and seamless, we have created a half page flyer that you can print/cut and distribute to all the youth in our Region.  Kindly make an extra effort to get this in the hands of all youth as soon as possible.  This flyer contains a link for free registration and the promo video.  It is imperative that we get our youth to register ahead of time.

   Please use the below link to register

If you have any questions or for more details, please contact
Sabu Mutholam